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Speciality Services


Dec-Tec Vinyl Deck Membrane

"Dec-Tec, proudly manufactured in North America, is a PVC single-ply vinyl decking membrane with a full complement of Dec-Tec approved system accessories to ensure high-end aesthetics and absolute waterproofing of your outdoor living space surfaces."

"PVC single-ply vinyl decking and roofing membranes are a factory finished product that provides added value to any deck surface by being easy to install, has an incredible look, and functionally provide waterproofing, slip resistance, fire inhibition, solar reflectance and longevity through membrane construction and low maintenance."


Ice Melt Systems

We install Ice Melt Systems to prevent clogged gutters, roof leaks, ice accumulation, and any other water damage. 


Snow Guards

"Snow guards are rooftop devices that allow snow and ice to drop off in small amounts or allow snow and ice to melt completely before falling to the ground. The installation of snow guards prevents the sudden release of snow and ice from a roof, which is known as a roof avalanche. A roof avalanche can cause damage to people, pets, cars, landscaping, gutters, plumbing vents, lower roof areas, skylights and anything else that might be in the immediate area below your roof." (

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